Our Mission

To represent and extend the Kingdom of God in our lives, families and community.

Our Passion

To make God’s love visible by experiencing God’s love together, and expressing God’s love to others.

Carrying Out Our Mission With Conviction:

  • Determined to live authentic lives that are connected with others. We value and nurture large and small groups where people can belong and find ways to grow.
  • Focused on knowing and living the grace with which God has accepted us. We understand that we don’t qualify for God’s blessings, but rather He offers them freely.
  • Desiring to worship God with all of our lives, understanding that everything in creation comes from Him.
  • Passionate about loving others and sharing God’s love. We seek to grow in our understanding of how to love—God’s ultimate adventure.
  • Serious about understanding what God has revealed about Himself and his universe in the Bible. In our pursuit of the truth, we study the Bible—His Word.