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His Vision...Our Hands  is our far-reaching plan to expand our ministries far beyond what we imagine.  (Ephesians 3:20)  We are committed to using Our Hands to fulfill His Vision for the ministry at Lakehills.  As a part of our His Vision....Our Hands ministry plans, we are asking every household in our church to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment (over and above your on going tithes and offerings) to be  given over the next three years.  It is our prayer to raise $1.4 million dollars to begin building on the property, which God miraculously provided.  As you can see His Vision...Our Hands is an important step to our future and you are vital to its success.  We know you will make His Vision...Our Hands a special priority in your prayers and in your planning in the months ahead.

His Vision...Our Hands newsletter updates will be available on the Welcome Table.  They will include tax advice on non-cash contributions and some wonderful articles on giving.  Commitments received to date are $1,305,488.  

The Folsom/El Dorado Hills/Cameron Park areas are growing fast!  Here, there are thousands of people who haven't heard about Jesus love for them. We have a strategic opportunity to reach them -an opportunity to minister to people where they live, by growing and developing our current ministries:

 Children's Ministries crafted for young minds that 
      reach beyond our church family.
  Youth Ministries that reach kids and show them God's 
       way to live.
   Teaching Ministries to help people grow in God.
   Outreach efforts that meet people where they live.

We plan, God willing, to grow into a regional church and reaching this area, with these expanded ministries, because Jesus wants to spend eternity with the people who live here.  This will require:

  Growth to enable these ministries.
   Quality facilities to enable our ministries to thrive 
       and grow.
   A continuing life together worshiping God and enjoying 
       his presence in our lives.

What is a "regional church"?  The exact shape is, of course, up to God.  We envision a church that looks something like:

   1000 members
   1500 attendees on Sunday
    500 youth in Program
    Full set of Programs 
    Robust staff
    Robust outreach
    Centered on prayer
    Serving the Western Slope
    Full of people treasured by God

        Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
                                                Psalm 127

  Walking the new church grounds


   Worship is at the Rolling Hills Middle School 
  7141 Silva Valley Highway, El Dorado Hills

  5145 Golden Foothills Parkway, Suite 190 El Dorado Hills, CA    95762
Tel. 916-939-9300   Fax  916-939-9309

   url:  www.lakehillschurch.org
email: [email protected]

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