Being a member of Lakehills Covenant Church is really about being part of a family. All members are disciples of Jesus, who through faith in God’s Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, have been born anew to a living hope, have been baptized according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to live a Christian life, and promise to support the total ministry of the Church and to share its fellowship and obligations. Members express unity in the way they collaborate in loving God, loving fellow Christians, and loving non-Christians alike. Church membership is granted upon application and completion of the Pastor’s Class.

Whether or not you are interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to participate in the life of our church and continue to learn how to live in the reality of God’s Kingdom. For those interested in becoming a Member, we encourage you to sign up for an upcoming Pastor’s Class.

Pastor’s Class
The Pastor’s Class is offered several times per year and is a pre-requisite to church membership. This is an informal time to meet our pastor, meet members of the leadership team, address your questions and learn more about Lakehills. We also discuss topics and address questions such as:

  • What does the word “Covenant” mean?
  • What are the roots of the Evangelical Covenant Church?
  • Learn about the national denomination, regional conference, and our local church
  • The history of Lakehills Covenant Church
  • How do we live out our faith?
  • And many other topics and questions

For more information on Membership, or to sign up for an upcoming Pastor’s Class, contact the Church Office at 916.939.9300.