The Kairos Course is an exciting nine lesson, interactive study of the purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age. This course looks at our world from God’s perspective and offers you the opportunity to:

• Discover the missionary thread from Genesis to Revelation
• Glimpse the awesome advance of Christianity around the world
• Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world Christian mission
• Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God’s kingdom worldwide
• Learn from some of today’s leading mission personalities, theologians and historians

The Kairos Course utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including:

• Lecture Introductions using multi-media
• Interactive Group Discussions
• Teaching and Inspiration Videos
• Prayer for Least Reached Peoples
• Reading and Worksheets
• Special Activities

Important notes regarding Kairos standards:

  • Because topics build on top of prior session, learners are required to attend 6/8 sessions; not just to complete the course but also to maximize it’s value and impact.
  • Learners are required to attend session 9 to graduate.
  • The Kairos reader and prayer guide may only be purchased within the context of a class.
  • Learners must be at least 15 years old.
  • Walk/Drop-in are allowed only on first session to give those curious a feel and a taste of what the class is going to be like and what it is about.

To register for the Kairos Course, please email [email protected]. Questions about the course and its standards? Please contact the Kairos Global Desk.

For more information on the Kairos Course, watch the Kairos Introduction Video or visit


To sign up or for more information on the upcoming Kairos Course at Lakehills, email the LHCC Mission Team or complete an online Connections Card.