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Royce joined the High School Ministry Team in 2010.

Royce is a "local boy" who moved to El Dorado County in 1978, which has been "home" ever since. He has a long view of this area, and a love for the kids who live here... and most of their parents. He believes in building learning from existing ideas, which permeates his approach to life and ministry.

Royce is constantly looking for ways to build teams, create new opportunities, and help others engage their passions and get involved. He believes that God gives US the work of the church to do, as WE are the church.

Royce married out of his league in 1997 to the "one who got away"...Royce and Dori have two boys, Percy Hudson and Andrew Lincoln (did we mention he is History teacher).

Royce has been a High School Teacher/ Administrator for 15 years, and is absolutely passionate about excellence in education. He currently works with an organization that builds public charter schools that are completely online, he teaches in the Education department of Chapman University, and serves as an Education Technology specialist with WASC doing school accreditation visits.

Royce's education is diverse and eclectic with degrees and certificates from Sac State, Chapman University, the Ohio State University, University of Laverne, Cal State Hayward (now East Bay), Golden Gate Theological, and Wheaton College, Illinois. He loves learning, and is always interested in talking shop with those interesting in pursuing higher Ed.


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