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Student Ministries at Lakehills

Our Student ministry exists to make God’s love visible through a commitment to reach out to non-believing students, connect them with other Christians, to help them grow in their faith, to challenge them to serve in ministry and honor God with their lives.

Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Senior High  - What’s Happening in High School

Sunday Mornings


FUEL Sessions at 9:14am, Building J.  Gather for the 10:00am service together.

Wednesday Nights


Wed. nights - Leadership gathers at 6.15pm, come for music at 6:45pm, the meeting starts at 7:15pm at the Warehouse and ends at 8:45pm.  The location is 5145 Golden Foothill Parkway, Suite #190.  Don’t miss our time of worship, prayer, and fellowship.  Also - learn about what’s going on throughout the week with our small group bible studies, our sponsored children  through Compassion International.


Check out the fun we had at

  "Mission Possible 2001"
and "Mission Possible 2000" and Monster Games

Welcome  Chad Caubin as our new director of High School & Young Adult Ministries!

Chad is named Chad Christian Caubin, a name given to him for one reason. To make sure that he would not escape the grasp of the most significant core value, faith step, and love-relationship that is essential to experience God's plan. A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. Chad means warrior...that in his younger years helped him develop testosterone filled dreams of being some kind of a super-hero, and made it his career to protect his two sisters. Chad had the privilege of being raised in a Christian household filled with love, music, family adventure trips, and many years of seeing the Broncos lose Super Bowls...(he grew up in Colorado).

Accepting Christ in 1983 at a Billy Graham crusade, Chad remained unaware that this love-relationship, this life altering eternally significant relationship with Jesus Christ, made sense until late in his junior year of high school.

Chad went on to get his degree in History, volunteered at several area churches, and began to work full time as a counselor at a juvenile hall extension. His life took a quantum leap in learning relevant frontline ministry. Kids would run away, some died, others just moved through the system. Chad had not worked with murderers, rapists and hardened gang members. The experience became a pivotal convergence of evangelism and compassion for those who were hurting.

The same week that he began working as Area Director for Youth for Christ in El Dorado County, he married Tiffany Griggs. An incredible woman of God who has taught Chad not to get lost in intensity of ministry. Chad has experience with many overseas mission trips to Northern Ireland, being part of a staff that shared Jesus with paramilitary youth, drug dealers, suicidal teens, homosexuals, the abused, the forgotten and many wandering Christians.

He has watched many of the youth he has worked with turn into wonderful missionaries, husbands, wives, and parents. Chad is here now at Lakehills, hungry to see what the Lord will do next!


   Worship is at the Rolling Hills Middle School 
  7141 Silva Valley Highway, El Dorado Hills

  5145 Golden Foothills Parkway, Suite 190 El Dorado Hills, CA    95762
Tel. 916-939-9300   Fax  916-939-9309

   url:  www.lakehillschurch.org
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