We are a Christian congregation made up of people seeking to be real. We offer an authentic, loving place to worship God and learn from the Gospel. At Lakehills, every person is accepted and is encouraged to become involved. We are:

  • GRACE BASED - We strive to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance.
  • GOSPEL CENTERED - It is the lens by which we view all of life.
  • MISSIONAL - We don't do just missions, we are on a mission.
  • COMMUNITY FOCUSED - We want every person to feel accepted, and to be involved.
  • FAMILY ORIENTED - Ministry begins in our homes and flows outward from there.
  • REAL - Our church aims to be authentic and a safe place to be yourself.
  • HOLISTIC - Every part of life is important.
  • COVENANTAL - We are bound together to God and each other.
  • RENEWED - All of life is renewed by the Gospel.

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