Who We Are

Welcome to Lakehills Covenant Church...

We are exited that you've decided to get to know us better. Lakehills Covenant Church is a group of imperfect people who have fallen in love with a perfect God. That means our focus is not on trying to be good people, but rather on allowing Christ's goodness to shine in and through us.

We aren't moralists that reduce life to 5 laws, 7 habits, or 3 principles. We see life as far more complex than rules to live by. At the same time we are not pluralists who cheapen faith & truth. Instead, we take an alternative position. We are Gospel-centered in our teaching and Grace-oriented in our culture.

We believe the best indication of God's presence in both individuals and corporate gatherings is the characteristic of love. We strive to make this to known through both our words and our actions. Therefore, we do our best to be a real, relaxed, and relational church. It is truly our desire that you experience God's love through our warmth and acceptance.

We believe that relationships are the most import thing to the Christian life. First, our relationship with God through Jesus, and second, our relationship with one another. We look forward to seeing how God uses us in your life and you in ours.

What We Believe


Our mission is to represent and extend the kingdom of God.


Our passion is to make God's love visible by experiencing God's love together, and expressing God's love to others.


To see our lives, families, community and world transformed through the power of the Gospel, growing in intimacy with Jesus.


  • Grace based - An atmosphere of love and acceptance
  • Gospel Centered - It is the lens by which we view all of life
  • Missional - All of life is a mission ( we don't do just missions, we are on a mission)
  • Community - Every person accepted, every person involved
  • Family - Ministry begins in our homes and flows outward from there
  • Real - An authentic and safe place to be yourself
  • Holistic - Every part of life is important
  • Covenantal - We are bound together to God and each other
  • Renewal - All of life is renewed by the Gospel

Statement of Faith

"In Essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity."- Augustine

  • Scripture - it drives what we teach, and shapes how we live in relationship with God. It is the fundamental means by which God has chosen to communicate His redemptive plan. The whole of the Bible points to Jesus.
  • Salvation - God created humanity to be in relationship with Himself. Since the sin of Adam, in the garden of Eden, humanity has been in a state of alienation from God and rebellion against God. God's redemptive plan, as recorded throughout the scripture has been to restore the relationship that humanity broke with Him. He did this regardless of our personal sin to save us from an eternal spiritual and physical death. This was accomplished through His covenant of faith, and completed in the person and work of Jesus. That relationship was restored for humanity, for those who would believe in Jesus, and confess Him as Lord of their lives. (Rom. 10:9-10)
  • God - We believe in One God who has revealed Himself in a divine unity, which we call the trinity. The trinity is one God comprised of three persons. Their worth, value, and completeness is perfect in Himself, yet economically they function in a heirarchy. They are equally God, and simultaneously distinct, both at the same time.
  • Church - The church is made up of those who have responded to His redemptive work of reconciliation with faith in Jesus. The Bible calls His church the Bride, a Body, the Family of God and the Kingdom of God. Jesus loves the church and His love models for us His estimation of it worth and value.

Our Larger Family

Lakehills Covenant Church belongs to the family of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, a denomination that holds to the affirmations of historic Christianity.

Regionally, we are part of the Pacific Southwest Conference, whose purpose is to help each local church "effectively fulfill Christ's mission in its unique setting."

Appreciating this classical Christian heritage and hungering for an ever more vital experience of new life in Christ, Covenanters affirm a number of evangelical emphases. Among these are:

  • The centrality of the scriptures
  • The necessity of new birth in Jesus Christ
  • The church as a fellowship of believers
  • A conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • The reality of freedom in Christ

For more information on the Evangelical Church, go to: http://www.covchurch.org/cov/

Our Future

We believe that God has strategically placed us here in El Dorado Hills. He has given us a great piece of land overlooking the Town Center, and we hope to build on it in the near future.

The view from our future home.

The plans for our building.