Club 45 ministers to 4th and 5th grade students challenging them to grapple with the reality of God and how He impacts their daily lives. In preparing this age group for the years ahead, we focus on developing community, challenging students to think for themselves, stand up for their beliefs, and step out in faith. Through group Bible study and activities, we search the scriptures to learn answers to relevant questions such as:

• What does it mean to love God?
• How does God work in creation?
• Who was Jesus?
• How is Jesus working today?

Club 45 is always looking for volunteers who possess a love of students, a faithful commitment, and a strong relationship with Jesus.

If you have a desire to make a lasting impact in the lives of students, please email Stacey Gregersen or complete an online Connections Card.

Stacey Gregersen
[email protected]
916.939-9300 x108