Sunday Martines-Pearson serves as Chaplain for Lakehills Covenant Church and our community. As founding members of Lakehills Church, both she and her husband Tore, are passionate about serving God to the very best of their abilities. Due to the nature of her vocation, Sunday is predominantly contacted in times of crisis or uncertainty. However she is steadfast and passionate about what she does as she believes it is an outward manifestation of God’s extravagant love for her.

In addition to being a member for over 35 years, Sunday is also a licensed minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church. She currently attends Fuller Theological Seminary and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership, with emphasis in crisis counseling. Furthermore, Sunday works part-time with Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of El Dorado County and can be seen patrolling throughout the area alongside El Dorado County Sheriff Deputies. As a chaplain both on staff at Lakehills, and with law enforcement, Sunday’s ministry experience is broad-based. Although she believes her primary calling is to be a crises Chaplain, she unabashedly admits that she likes to perform weddings. The pure joy and excitement that surrounds a wedding event provides a refreshing pause from the more common occurrences she is asked to facilitate.

Always desiring to do God’s will, Sunday prayerfully asks Him to break her heart for the things that break His. Thus, no matter what the ministry task at hand, she is a willing participant to be used ultimately for God’s glory.

“As a Chaplain, my passion is to affirm the dignity of every human being regardless of race, color or creed. In conjunction with the Holy Spirit and in the name of the One who first loved me, my prayer is to facilitate an awareness of God’s presence and love for humanity in the midst of uncertainty.”  - Sunday Pearson

If you have a need or would like more information, please email Sunday Martines-Pearson or complete an online Connections Card.

Sunday Martines-Pearson, Chaplain
[email protected]

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